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Cryptocurrency Kya hai ?

  • April 25, 2022
  • 1 min read
Cryptocurrency Kya hai ?

Cryptocurrency aik digital currency hai, jo adaigi ki aik mutabadil shakal hai jo khufia kaari Algorithm ka istemaal karte hue banai gayi hai. Encryption technology ke istemaal ka matlab hai ke cryptocurrencies currency aur vrchoyl accounting system ke tor par kaam karti hain. Cryptocurrency istemaal karne ke liye, aap ko aik cryptocurrency wallet ki zaroorat hai. yeh batway software ho satke hain jo cloud par mabni service hai ya aap ke computer ya aap ke mobile device par mehfooz hai. Kuch woh tool hain jis ke zariye aap ko store karte hain jo aap ki shanakht ki tasdeeq karte hain aur aap ki cryptocurrency se link karte hain .


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